PRESS RELEASE announces first beta release of the jSyncManager 3.0 Palm Hand-held Synchronization API for Java

TORONTO, CANADA,  15 May 2003 - The development team announced today the release of the first beta of their jSyncManager Application Programming Interface v3.0. The API set, written for Sun Microsystem's Java runtime environment, allows developers to create applications that can leverage data on PalmOS based hand-held devices on a variety of computing platforms.

"One of the great things about the jSyncManager API is that it allows synchronization and data management applications for PalmOS-based hand-held devices to be run virtually anywhere", said Brad Barclay, lead developer and project administrator for the Project. "The same synchronization applications and logic can be run on Windows, UNIX, OS/2, Linux, and MacOS operating systems. Anywhere Java can be run, the jSyncManager API can be used".

The jSyncManager API includes a full PalmOS-compatible protocol stack, data synchronization engine, and a plug-in architecture allowing the engine to be dynamically bound to other applications and databases, called jConduits.

The jSyncManager is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, allowing individuals and organizations to use, modify, and redistribute the library with their own applications and tools free of charge. "We feel the LGPL gives potential users of our library a wider range of choices as to how they use that library than with traditional, closed-source licenses", said Barclay. "We've already had a number of companies approach us interested in using our library in their own applications to provide robust, stable hand-held synchronization facilities to their users".

About is an Open Source project lead by Brad Barclay and supported by globally dispersed contributors. Since its inception in 1997, The Project has sought to bring high-quality, cross platform data synchronization solutions to individual and enterprise users. Since 2002, the project has been available as Open Source, and has received contributions and support from dozens of individuals and major corporations. For more information, please visit the Project web site at

For further information, please contact:

Brad Barclay
Phone: +1 416-750-9078 (Canada)

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